Race Log Web

Race Log Web is a new sailboat racing scoring program.

Web Application. Race Log Web runs on the web in any browser.

Nothing to install. Just visit this site, login, and go.

Any device. Score fleets and View result on iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, Windows PC or Mac.

Stored in the Cloud. All your fleet data is on the web so no worries about misplaced fleet files.

Active Results page allows users select their favorite report layout.

Now open for use: Race Log Web is fully functional:

  • enter finishes by sailor (partial name), sail number
  • score with automatic tie breaking, throwouts (number or percent)
  • customize any of the following scoring methods: Low Point, Low Point Ave, High Point, High Point Ave, High Point Fixed, Bonus Point (formerly called Olympic Method)
  • active result page - select format, hover for race number, email results, distribute link to your results
  • sailor archive
  • results archive
  • all features on any device
  • copy paste results
  • ... much more

Race Log PC

The original Race Log is a comprehensive and easy to use One-Design yacht race scoring program for Windows PCs. Easily score individual regattas or a whole season of races.

Race Log provides tools for...

  • 1) regatta registration
  • 2) scoring
  • 3) publish results to the internet

download - shareware version 3.6 with new Windows 7, 10 installer, or purchase - current Pro version 3.8