Regatta Registration - Paypal Setup


Using Paypal as a paymnet method - Racelogweb does not have its own payment system which collects payments. However we plug in to the latest technology provided by Paypal to allow payments directly to your own Paypal account.

This optional payment method for racers paying regatta registration fees is offered, along with 'none', and 'check or cash'. Payment will be made to your, or your organization's Paypal account. So you manage the payment system using Paypal's many features to create invoices, send follow-up payment requests, etc. Racelogweb uses one of the Paypal's many website payment plugins which provides the Registering user direct access to Paypal, and a return to Racelogweb with the payment status. The payment status is saved in the racer's registration record. Racelogweb receives no fees for Paypal transactions.

Paypal Features

  • view and monitor payments for your regatta
  • transfer payments to your back account
  • send invoice to user -this is an additional Paypal feature for sending follow-up payment requests
  • send email payment request to user - this is an additional Paypal feature for sending follow-up payment requests
  • Racelogweb plugin shows Paypal Payment popup window when racer clicks Pay button - racer logs into Paypal for payment, or selects Pay with Credit Card
    • racer can use his/her Paypal account to pay
    • or racer can select Pay with Debit or Credit Card (no Paypal account required)
    • payment status from Paypal is saved in racer's registration record

Paypal Setup for Racelogweb

Racelogweb is integrated with Paypal. However you have to tell Racelogweb which Paypal account is receiving the payments. ( If you already use a Paypal account which can receive payments then some of the following setup steps may have already been completed.)

Setup with Racelogweb is done by saving two Paypal ClientIDs ('test/sandbox', and 'prodution') for your Paypal account into the Racelogweb Regatta Edit form for the Regatta you are building. The ClientIDs are long strings of random characters generated specifically for your Paypal account.

Create/Modify your Paypal account

  • login to your Paypal account (if you don't have a Paypal account, go to, follow their instructions)
  • connect Paypal account to your, or your organization's bank checking account (follow instructions on Paypal website - this may take a few days since they may require validating your bank account with micro-deposits)
  • allow your account to Receive payments (follow instructions on Paypal website)

Paypal Button Setup

  • click "Tools" menu
  • select "Business Setup"
  • click "On your website" in the "How do you want to start getting paid" section
  • click "Continue" under "Process all payments, including debit and credit cards, through Paypal"
  • under "Now, how do you want to set up Paypal on your website?"
  • select "Option B", then click "Create payment buttons"
  • click "Buy Now" button" - no additional information to fill out here

Obtain Client IDs for your Paypal account

  • go to ( you may have to login again using your Paypal user id)
  • look for REST API apps
  • click Create App button
  • on the App page give your app a name and click "Create App" button
  • copy the "Client ID" in the SANDBOX API CREDENTIALS section, and save it in Notepad or your favorite Text Editor for later pasteing into Racelogweb Regatta Edit form. This is your Sandbox/Test Client ID.
  • click "Live" in the "Sandbox | Live" button, located top right in screen
  • copy the "Client ID" from this page, and save it in Notepad or your favorite Text Editor for later pasteing into Racelogweb Regatta Edit form. This is your Production Client ID.
  • You can return to this Papal page by clicking "My Apps and Credentials" in the left navigation area. Then click on the App you created to see your Client IDs.
  • Paste these Client ID Tokens into Regatta Create/Edit form when you Create your Regatta, or login later and Edit your existing Regatta to add these Tokens, click Save

Payment Testing Suggestions

  • go to
  • select File | Regattas menu to create or edit your Regatta
  • select Paypal as your payment method on Regatta Edit form
  • make sure you pasted your Client ID's into Regatta form
  • select the "test" Client ID
  • now open the Registration link and register a test racer and pay with the Paypal option
  • on the Paypal popup click 'Pay with Debit or Credit Card' button, or login to Paypal and pay with a Paypal account
  • for credit card - enter a valid credit card, click Pay. With the Test ClientID no payment will be processed
  • next test with the Production ClientID selected on the Regatta Edit form, change the Regatta Fee to $1.00 to minimize what will be charged on your credit card or Paypal account, click Save
  • register a test racer, enter your credit card, click pay. You will be charged $1.00 which should appear as a payment when you login to your Regatta's Paypal account and check your 'Recent Activity'
  • have a few of your associates test as well with their credit cards, again they will be charged the $1.00 regatta registration
  • verify the confirmation emails received by registrants, from Racelogweb and from Paypal
  • change the Regatta Fee in the Regatta Edit form back to the proper fee -- now you are ready to publish the genrated Registration Link
  • delete your test registrants - go to File | Regattas menu, click the 'list' icon on the line item for your regatta. This will open the Registered User detail page. Before you delete a racer, open the racer's detail page with the 'down' arrow, double check the payment status so see how that is updated after a payment - successful or not
  • if you get errors during payment then review all the setup steps to make sure you did not miss anything in Paypal. There have been instances where the Test/Sandbox test is unsuccesssful, yet the Production test is ok.
  • you can also do a google search for any errors you see, there are many helpful answers available

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Obtain Paypal ClientIDs

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