Catalogue of Yacht Race Scoring Programs

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Us Sailing Association Review of Scoring Programs

The ultimate sailing source, including review of Sail racing scoring programs.

Laser Scoring

This is a One-Design scoring program used by the Laser Class. The program is available on the Laser Class web site.

EROICA Regatta Manager

-- No Longer Available --


-- No Longer Available --

Mac Scoring Program

-- No Longer Available --

"Snipe" One-Design Scoring Program

Official scoring program for the Snipe Class.
For more information visit the following Web site:


iOS App

I SailRace

Scoring and Analytics


Windows based tool for OneDesign and Handicapped racing

Yacht Scoring

A complete web based regatta management system

Regatta Network

Scoring for One Design and Handicap, Regatta Registration

RaceLog Web New

Resigned for the web including mobile. One design scoring, regatta registration, email results, data extract, and more.

RaceLog PC

The original Race Log for Windows. Simple interface for entering race data and updloading results. Also includes Regatta Registration.

St Petes Scorer

Windows based tools, two versions available:
St Petes Scorer - for one-design scoring
St Petes Time Allowance Scorer - for Handycap scoring