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ELB Software's Recommended Sailing Books

The following titles have been selected to provide Sailboat Racers with a handy reference list of books relating to their special interests in sailing. Many of the books are available via direct link to amazon.com, the Internet Book Store. Some of the books are "out of print", however Amazon.com will search for the books when you place an order.

Comments are provided for those books which have been reviewed by this Web site preparer, and developer of Race Log

Popular Sailing Books

Name That Boat! A Nautical Trivia Challange.....; Carol Lea Mueller

Sail, Race and Win: Developing a Winning Attitude; Cathy Foster, Eric Twiname

The New Book of Sail Trim; Ken Textor (Editor)

Sarah's Boat: A Young Girl Learns the Art of Sailing; Douglas Alvord

The Best Sail Trim; Charles Mason

Rig Your Dinghy Right: A Design and Installation Guide for Racing Sailors; John Hodgart, Mark Chisnell

Sailing Fundamentals; Gary Jobson

Laser Sailing for the 1990's; Dick Tillman

Sail Like a Champion; Michael Levitt, Dennis Conner

Advanced Wind Surfing (Adventure Sports); Farrel O'Shea, John Conway

Championship Tactics: How Anyone Can Sail Faster, Smarter and Win Races; Gary Jobson, Adam Loory, Tom Whidden, et al

Fundamentals of Sailing, Cruising, and Racing; Steve Colgate

Sailing: A Parent's Handbook for Junior Sailing (Boating Made Simple); Susan Artof, Joni Palmer

Steve Colgate on Sailing; Marcia Wiley, Steve Colgate

2016 - 2020 International Yacht Racing Rules; US Sailing Association.

Available at:
 US Sailing PO Box 1260, 15 Marine Drive,  Portsmouth, RI 02871-0907

"This is THE Racing Rules Book from US Sailing. Every racer needs his or her own copy - study it."

This link is to the US Sailing web site. When you get there, click on "Race Administration" to get to the book area. Other available books are listed. 
Call:  1800 US SAIL1.

Understanding the Yacht Racing Rules Through 2008; Dave Perry

"This is an excellent compliment to the Racing Rules above. This is the best detailed explanation of the rules available. The rules are explained with a bit of history, intent of the rule, and realist examples of each rule. This is a must read."

The Handbook of Sailing; Bob Bond

Race Winning Strategies: Smart Lesson with Deep Dakron; Tom Linskey

The Manual of Sail Trim; Stuart Walker

How to Windsurf, a Step by Step Guide; Shaw, Mike Shaw

Sunfish Bible (includes Successful Sunfish Sailing by Derrick Fries, Sail it Flat by Larry Lewis, The Sunfish Book).

"This is a must for any Sunfish sailor, detailed information on history, how to rig, how to make it go fast, racing tactics, and more."

This is a link to the Sunfish Message Board web site where the book can be ordered.

Positioning: The Logic of Sailboat Racing; Thomas Price

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Classic One Designs; Jack Coote

Book of Windsurfing; John Toothroyd

Complete Book of Sailing: Martin Hedges

Dinghies and Daysailers: The Guide to Nearly 200 Non-Cabin Sailboats from 6 Feet to 38 Feet; Butch Wilcox, Rita Wilcox

Paul Elvstrom Explains the Yacht Rules: Soren Krause

"Excellent discussion of the Racing Rules with plenty of pictures to help visualize conflicts."

Small Boat Sailing (96P0); Norman Dahl

The Rules Book: The International Yacht Racing Rules Explained; Eric Twiname, Bryan Willis

"Excellent discussion of the Racing Rules with plenty of pictures to help visualize conflicts."

Gary Jobson's How to Sail; Gary Jobson

1992 America's Cup; Gary Jobson (VHS tape)

America's Cup 1995; Gary Jobson (VHS tape)

The Rules in Practice / 1989-92 (Sail to Win); Bryan Willis

Sail Racer; Jack Knights

An A-Z of Sailing Terms; Ian Dear, Peter Kemp

"An invaluable resource - includes every imaginable sailing term - learn about hydrodynamics, hawsers, and heave to."

The American Sailing Association's Lets Go Windsurfing; Ron Carboni, Algis Stepanaitis

The Rules in Practice / 1989-1992 (Sail to Win); Bryan Willis

Windsurfing; J. Cook

Windsurfing, the Call of the Wind; Shimon-Craig Van Collie

Yacht Race Scoring; R. Gregg Bemis

Available from: US Sailing PO Box 299 Newport, RI 02840, or call 1800 US SAIL1

(The book is not listed on their web site - so call or write to the above)

"This is the bible of sailboat race scoring. Mr. Bemis has thoroughly researched every possible permutation of scoring methods with a discussion of the pros and cons of each method. This was one of the major sources of information for the development of the Race Log scoring program."

US Sailing Directory 1995 (or any other year); US Sailing Association

Available at: US Sailing PO Box 209 Newport,RI 02840

"Rules, organizational information, lists of Class Associations, Championship Events, etc."

This link is to the US Sailing web site. When you get there, click on "Race Administration" to get to the book area. Other available books are listed. Or call 1800 US SAIL1.

Harder to find books - some are out of print (Amazon.com will search its sources for books in this catagory when ordered)

Room at the Mark: A History of the Development of Yachts, Yacht Clubs, Yacht Racing and the Racing Rules; Robert MacArthur

Sail It Flat: The Sunfish Racing Primer; Larry Lewis

The Sunfish Book; Will White

See the Sunfish Bible above.

The Racing Edge; Ted Turner, Gary Jobson

"An interesting look at sailing and racing through Ted Turner's eyes. The book starts with an interview of Ted Turner talking about his experiences as a yacht racer."

I don't understand why this shows Out of Print at amazon.com - I've seen it in book stores.

Win More Sailboat Races; C. Stanley Ogilvy

Race to Win; Roger Marshall

"A detailed discussion of good racing boat design with an emphasis on larger boats."

Sail Power: the Complete Guide to Sails & Sail Handling; Wallace Ross, Carl Chapman

Older Sailing Books - found in used book stores, garage sales, antique stores, etc.

Championship Dinghy Sailing; Christopher Caswell & David Ullman

1978 Edition

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number

Encyclopedia of Sailing; Editors of One-Design & Offshore Yachtsman

1971 Edition

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 70-156549

"Thorough discussion of sailing history, sailing theory, racing tactics, and all round sailboat reference. I don't know if this is still in print so check at used book stores."

The Lure of Sailing; Everett Pearson

1965 Edition

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 64-25238

"Good all round discussion of sailing including seamanship, weather, navigation, racing and more. May be out of print so check at used books stores."

The Rules of Sailing Races; Bruno Bianchi & Gabriode Szombathely

1979 Edition

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 79-88661

Racing Small Boats; William Crosby

"This 1940 book by the designer of the Snipe provides an excellent detailed discussion of race course strategies. They haven't changed much since then."

The Sailboat Classes of North America; Fessenden Blanchard

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 68-14205

"This 1968 edition provides a wealth of detailed information, pictures, and history of few hundred One-Design class sailboats. Amazingly, most of the Classes I am curious about are in the book. A more current edition (I don't know if one is available) would not add much in the dinghy category."

The Tactics of Small Boat Racing; Stuart Walker

1966 Edition

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 65-25938

Yacht Racing Rules & Tactics, a Pictorial Primer of; Gordon Aymar

1938 Edition

"The rules have changed but the tactics are still useful to today's racers. I don't know where you will find it but keep your eyes open at garage sails and used book stores."

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