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Race Log is a comprehensive and easy to use One-Design yacht race scoring program.  Easily score individual regattas or a whole season of races.  Race Log provides tools for...   

1) regatta registration, 
2) scoring, 
3) publish results to the internet.

Check out the "Features" link for a complete description of Race Log capabilites, and then download a fully functional copy of Race Log.

Current users - check out the "How-To" link for answers to commonly asked questions.

download - shareware version 3.6 with new Windows 7, 10 installer

purchase current Pro version 3.8


Now Available !

>> Race Log Web <<

for PC, Mac, Tablet, Phone




Email Your Results

  • email your score results directly from Race Log (new in ver 3.6)

On-line, web Registration for regattas

Data Import

  • import data into Race Log from other sources
  • spreadsheets, csv, delimited files

Network Fleet Files

  • manage fleet files among geographically dispersed race managers
  • store fleet files on network

Combine Reports

  • combine result reports in Web format for uploading or printing multiple Division or Class results in one report.

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