Getting Started with Race Log Web

Register Click this button. Or click 'Login' in the upper right corner of any page and look for the 'New User Registration' link. Set up your userid and password.

Login if you are a returning user. There will be a 'Login' link in the upper right of each Race Log Web page. When you are logged in - this will say 'Logout'. You will be logged out automatically after 24 Minutes of inactivity on the website. Its a good idea to click 'Logout' when you are done.

Set Up Account You need an Account once you are logged in. Usually you will set up an Account for your sailing club. If you belong to more than one club, and you are the lucky guy who does scoring for both, then you can set up more than one Account. All fleet data and results are associated with an Account. If you have multiple Accounts you can switch between Accounts. You will only see data for the active Account. The Account which is currenly Active will be listed underneath the Login link. There is a dropdown listing all your accounts.

Fleet A Fleet is where you enter racers and finishes. The Fleet page has a 'New Fleet' button, and 'Open Fleet' button. Once the data is entered you can Score and view a draft of your Result Report. You can create as many Fleet files as you need. There really aren't any Files. Its all stored in a database. But thinking of them as Files is ok.

Sailors Sailor data is saved for re-use. Its there to use when you create new Fleet files. If you add a racer to a Fleet, the Sailor data will be checked to see if its already there, then you can select from a list of possibe matches. You can add additional detail to a 'sailor' such as club, address, birthdate (age will be automatically calculated based of an 'as of' date - usually a regatta date), email and more. If you are interested only in Racer Name and Sail Number, then you don't have to do anything with 'Sailors' page.

Score Method Customize options for all your score methods, and pick which one is your default. Low Point, Low Point Average, High Point, High Point Average, High Point Fixed, Bonus Point,...

Results This is where all your result reports are saved. Users can easily view current results, and browse past results. An automatically generated link is created for each result report. This can be emailed, copied and pasted to a blog, or used as a permanent link from a webpage. Results can optionally be made "public" and will be visible from the Browse Results link. See the Browse Results link on this and the Home page.

Mobile. All the above can be done on a phone, tablet, Windows PC or Mac. Point your browser to '' and login.